Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brits Booed at Beijing Closing Ceremony

Amusingly, the Internet is rife with chatter about how the British sucked it up at the Beijing closing ceremony. Nobody can compete with China now.

The Chinese outdid themselves during this Olympics and the boring and embarrassingly uncreative Brits have no hope of even coming close to what will no doubt go down as the most incredible Olympics of our lifetime.

The Brits put on a cardboard pseudo-Stomp performance that had audiences worldwide yawning and wondering what more than sheer gaul could have propelled the British to once take over the world. A poorly designed, unattractive and seemingly malfunctioning double decker bus was the centerpiece of a little show they put on to introduce the world to how much they will embarrass themselves in 2012 when London hosts the next summer Olympics.

London's new mayor, that twittering idiot Boris Johnson who symbolizes so well the authenticity of a true social-climbing Brit (is there any other kind?) was just the icing on the cake of a performance so laughable that Leona Lewis was matched with Jimmy Page in a feebly arranged song number that nobody could hear and that had no bearing whatsoever on any theme relevant to Olympics, sports, the world, humanity, sportsmanship or any number of other obvious themes.

Well done Britain! Doubtless, most of the world was happy to see you soil yourself on the international stage. Even the dancers in the number looked embarrassed to be there.