Friday, August 29, 2008

Old McCain Chooses Young, Taller Palin

Wow! John McCain suddenly looks even older than before!

Yes, he's chosen a 44 year old, former beauty queen as his running mate -- a woman with less than 2 years of experience in public office has been chosen as the person who will replace John McCain when -- and this is not an "if" -- he croaks in high office should the American public be so incomparably stupid as to elect him.

We couldn't have asked for a better candidate! And all credit to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for forcing the Republicans to choose a woman VP -- something they never would have dreamed of doing if Obama and Clinton hadn't upped the ante in this election and shouted from the mountaintops that the United States has a whole lot more people in it that aren't white men.

With the choice of Sarah Palin, not only does McCain look even more ancient than before -- he looks even shorter too! Ms Palin is a full two inches taller than 5'7"-with-lifts McCain -- and that's before she wears her heels!

To add to his woes, Mr McCain's pretty little history of massive adultery against his first wife will no doubt be a centerpiece of this election. And we all know Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin hate each other already -- let the bitch wars begin!

Well done again McCain -- you've made yourself look even older than before, set yourself up for intense discussion of your adulterous habits, eliminated any opportunity to criticize Obama for lack of experience and lost a horde of your base ultra conservative Republicans who would never vote for a woman VP.

And all in one little decision!

This election just gets better and better....