Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama and Shorty McCain: The Height of Difference

Behold the latest pictures of Barack Obama and Shorty McCain.
And do keep in mind this is with McCain wearing lifts. Obama and Shorty jointly attended the NYC September 11th ceremony today.

Yes, Barack Obama is considerably taller than John McCain -- but then again most American men are. At a height of 5'7" Shorty McCain is well below the average American male's height of 5'10".

Unfortunately for McCain, his debilitating anger problems, his fiery annoyance at "insignificant things" (that's a quote from his own doctor!), and his serious issues with adultery (hello Vicki Iseman?) are all classic symptoms of that manifestly perilous (not to mention hilarious!) condition called the Napoleonic Complex. Most commonly known as The Short Man's Complex.

Can't wait till the Presidential candidate debates!

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