Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dictator McCain on 60 Minutes: "I Disagree With What the American People Want"

John McCain openly declared on 60 Minutes tonight that he does not care what the MAJORITY of the American people want.

In short (pun intended, as always), John McCain proved his profound qualifications for dictatorship of the United States of America.

As if it were not enough that John McCain is

- freakin' old (the oldest ever candidate)

- possessed of debilitating anger issues

- ailing from a deadly form of skin cancer

- convinced that a 1st term Governor of the 4th least populated state in the US is
"absolutely ready to be President"

he has now unabashedly -- YES UNABASHEDLY -- admitted that he is a dictator who does not give a turd what the American people want. Read on for the transcript of his soon-to-be unforgettable quote:

Q: Journalist: "I wonder at what point do you stop doing what you think is right and you start doing what the majority of the American people want?" (60 Minutes journalist Scott Pelley)

A: John McCain: "Well, again, I disagree with what the majority of the American people want."

In the same interview, he admitted that even though he declared that as President he would fire the SEC Chairman knowing that the President does not have such powers, he would still find a way to get him fired. Translation: "Dammit! When I'm Angry Somebody's Gonna Get Fired! Now!"

Plus it emerged today that John McCain and his bankroller -- oops!, wife -- own no less than 13 cars -- 3 of which are not American made. That, compared to the Obama family's one car.

Wake up America. Wake up and smell the crook.

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