Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just Palin Nasty: Corruption & Destruction in Wasilla

ometimes (read: most times) the best source of news isn't the mainstream media, but the people themselves.

If you already understand that Sarah Palin is a divisive, hate-filled, unknowledgeable, unintelligent, high school bitch, that's great news America.

But if you still don't get how horrible she is (and the fact that she and her friends were the ones who made your life miserable in high school), then watch this off-the-cuff interview with two Alaskans who know Palin and know what she has done to Alaska and what she could do to America and the world.

Incredibly, as mayor of the little town (village would be a better term) of Wasilla (population just over 6,000 -- that's right! she was the mayor of a town with a population less than a Yanni concert audience) she managed to destroy it.

-- she mowed down hundreds of acres of untouched woodland to create a mega Wal-mart in this village that is big enough to serve suburban Chicago and is the biggest Wal-mart in the entire state.

-- she used 27 million dollars in earmarks (which she obtained through her Washington lobbyist friends) to build, amongst other things, a mega sports complex for this village -- a complex that even metropolitan places like San Francisco don't even have -- which was actually built on someone else's land. Then she left town before Wasilla's Multi-Use Sports Complex was finished and left the burden for Wasillans to deal with -- including a $72,000 shortfall in the town's library budget. No surprise there.

-- to make space for her mega sports complex and the mega parking lots for it and the Wal-mart she mowed down hundreds more acres of beautiful natural woodland, some of which she had not even required the proper rights to.

-- she ruined the camping and cabin atmosphere of what used to be a popular Alaska destination for nature and relaxation

This woman is dangerous and her beauty-pagaent credentials seem to have a dummy effect on the old white geezers of Washington (McCain anyone?).

Beauty is the Beast folks -- don't be fooled by Sarah Palin's fauxksy accent and lipsmacking enthusiasm.

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