Thursday, October 23, 2008

Austria's Haider Was Gay, Lover Admits

Petzner, right, admitted this week that he and Haider had been together for 5 years.

Why is it always the hateful, bigoted, angry white politicians who are fiercely closeted gays?

The latest conservative homosexual was outed posthumously this week when Austria's neo-nazi poster boy Joerg Haider was outed by his lover of 5 years, his replacement party leader Stefan Petzner.

"He was the man of my life," Petzner said this week of Haider, adding that Haider's wife and the mother of his two children was comfortably aware of their "special relationship."

This could explain why 58-year-old Haider was caught drinking in a gay bar shortly before he took off the drunk driving spree that cost him his life. Petzner, 27, has now been fired from his position as successor to Haider of the neo-nazi party -- whose platform, amongst other things, stood against homosexuality -- for outing Haider.

Note to the public: be wary of the most vile of your politicians -- they are probably huge hypocrites who do exactly the opposite of everything they tell you to do.

Hmmm....hateful, bigoted, angry white politician....who's next to be outed? John McCain anyone?

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