Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dancing Bush: Prez Tribute to Yeltsin

Didn't believe the Saccharinist that Prez Bush is back on the bottle?

"That must be the stuff that just swept Laura off her feet"

Or outta the White House, more like it!

This recent video is self-explanatory, and aside from the fact that the footage is now priceless, there's the added fascinating jab at Bushler from CNN -- a company that while not as close to Der President as FOX News, isn't exactly shy of conservative viewpoints itself.

If this is Bush's sick way of paying tribute to another dancing President -- good ol' Yeltsin -- he picked a bad week to do it!

(compare the dancing prez's for yourself:)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mexico City Legalizes Abortion for Americans

.........................Celebrations in Mexico City this week

Since this week's vote legalizing abortion, Mexico City -- a city state of its own -- is now officially ahead of the US -- at least on this crucial women's health issue. Doubtless, it's not just Mexicans who are relieved by this news: American women now have a viable and nearby option for their abortions, too. Which reminds me, is there any important political, health, economic, or environmental issue which George W. Bushler hasn't screwed up for America? Nope.

Of course, on the day of the vote local (and no doubt cross-border) anti-abortion protesters took to the streets to holler their cause. The Saccharinist continues to be amazed at the depth of funding available to save an unborn foetus from a life of neglect from parents who cannot care for it or worse do not want it, while so little is done in comparison to save actually born children who are suffering beyond belief.

Anti-abortion protesters should just be totally against contraception as well, if they intend to have at least some credibility for their position -- though that would just prove what is obvious here: that there is no logic to the premise that all children that can be born, should be born. If that were the case, then lots of boys (not to mention men) need to have their hands cuffed all day long so they won't destroy billions of opportunities for creation.

Maybe anti-abortion protesters should join forces with anti-porn protesters -- who knows what could be born of that marriage.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

France Run-Off: Hitler vs. Hope

Next week, France will arguably decide on its most important election in 50 years in a battle between center-right and center-left: it's the run-off of


A battle between a ruthless xenophobic Bushler and an intellectual mother-of-four.

Will France lead the world in turning against aggressive, hateful, divisive politics or will it follow its nemesis Germany by electing an ugly angry beast to office? This is France's chance to be a leader for the first time in a long time, let's see how they decide on May 6.

What's most interesting about this election, though, are the profiles of these candidates:

Sarkozy is a 2nd-generation Hungarian immigrant (on his father's side) of Jewish ancestry (on his mother's side) who was raised as an angry Catholic who blamed all his misery on foreigners (as ironic as that is). A couple years ago, his wife left him for another man, during which time he took up with a younger woman, and then they both reunited for the chance at sharing the paltry glory of ruling France.

Royal is a mother-of-four children with a man she has been living with since the 1970's but to whom she is not married. She once sued her own father for refusing to divorce his mother and pay alimony to her. She often diverges from her party's main platforms and is seen as more of a centrist than a leftist in her ideology and policies.

With these backgrounds alone, these two individuals would have been stuck in a second-rate, low-profile State Department job at best in the United States! It's an amazing commentary on French social values.

In any case, let's hope that anger and bitterness do not surpass reason and intellect in the second-round -- conservatives worldwide seem not to realize that voting for a conservative means EVERYONE's rights are impeded on, not just the people who conservatives hate.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Frances Harrison & BBC: Let Iran Be

Image from "A Very British Coup" -- a documentary about British and BBC involvement in the 1953 Coup in Iran

Knowing, as we all do, that different media outlets possess and extoll different political outlooks, it would seem unfair to criticize any one particular journalist merely for doing his or her job. But the fact is that journalists include their own idiosyncracies in their reporting and certainly with feature stories, choose their own topics.

Which brings us to Frances Harrison. The BBC has foreign correspondents all over the world -- most of whom do not speak the language of the countries they are based in -- and most of them, as evidenced by their reports, appear to be quite happy to comply by the Blair-BBC standards: a nouveau colonialist-imperialist attitude that openly aligns itself with whatever administration is in power in the US.

Harrison's reporting -- especially that which appears on the BBC News website, which like most stories on the site, tends to gloss over details like sourcing and in-depth anaysis -- is lacking at best, biased at worst.

Take for instance her latest news story about crackdowns on hejab and attire in Iran. The story itself is simply not news: the authorities have been harrassing Iranians over their attire and outward appearance for decades now. But scroll down to the bottom and read Harrison's fascinating criticism that "even foreign tourists are being cautioned" about their dress. This sentence is pure presumption on the part of Harrison and her editor at the BBC that allowed it to be published.

You see, all women in Iran -- be they citizens or tourists -- are required to abide by hejab. If Harrison is not biased, then why doesn't she provide some basic background or poignant analysis of the situation? If she is biased, then why does the BBC not reprimand her for it? If the BBC is biased, then why does it complain about its treatment in Iran?

But even more telling of Harrison's journalistic credentials is her tale of "one foreign journalist" who "was stopped and the police complained the photograph in her press card was indecent, even though it was taken by the Ministry of Islamic Guidance." Either this is Harrison herself or a friend of hers -- but in either case, what is the point of it? To demonstrate that "foreign journalists" or "foreign tourists" deserve special treatment in Iran? On what basis? This kind of colonialist-imperialist attitude is simply not professional and certainly not becoming of a quality journalist.

It is also poignantly reminiscent -- as Harrison's Iranian husband has failed to inform her -- of the grievance most Iranians had about the monarchy's special treatment of foreigners in Iran -- it's the kind of attitude that offended Iranians about the Shah and contributed to his popularly-led ousting. Perhaps it should lead to Harrison's ousting, too.

Yes, we all know that reporting from Iran is not an easy task -- especially for a woman -- due to the difficulties in obtaining press passes and various permits. But this does not apply to the BBC: it has been reporting from Iran (and openly involving itself in Iranian politics) for decades, has a protocol and a line of command to turn to, and has the authority to make a stink if one of its journalists is put in harm's way -- something that isn't even a threat in Iran. Frankly, it's just not a credible excuse for shoddy, biased journalism.

The Western public's main and for most, only, source of information on Iran is from journalists -- and the public's perception from these journalists is that of an Iran that is volatile, backwards, corrupt and ignorant. This is inaccurate and not conducive to positive international relations. Either Iran should oust all of these Western journalists or individual journalists and editors should rightly accept a more realistic burden of responsibility for their work.

Besides, these foreign journalists' talent for biased and negative portrayals could do some amazing and much needed work on soiling the all-too-shiny reputation of their own Western governments and societies. Chip-chop!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Baghdad Wall: Closing In On Us

An image from the wall between Israel and Palestine

It is not enough that George W. Bushler and his administration of overgrown schoolshooters have succeeded in perceptibly increasing worldwide hate and division in the last 6 years, they have also been the driving force behind 3 major inter-community barriers -- I refer, of course, to the Walls of Hate between Israel and Palestine, the United States and Mexico, and now, between Iraqis in Baghdad.

Twenty years ago when Reagan banged on about how the Germans should "tear down this wall" and that "no one would ever be able to do what they are doing again," the great majority of the American public, German public and all sorts of other publics throughout the West, believed him. Not so in the "East" where people have a long tradition of accepting that politicians are liars -- especially colonialist-imperialist politicians. Will the Western publics again forget that it is repeatedly their governments who put up these walls, only to forget and act innocent when it is opportune to them to tear these structures down?

The Baghdad Barrier is allegedly "to protect a Sunni Arab enclave surrounded by Shiite neighborhoods" but we don't know -- we'll never know. What we do know is that this same neighborhood had no need for such "protection" before the Coalition Occupation. What we do know is that before the US and its "coalition" violently attacked this country and its people, these neighborhoods got along just fine.

And people still laugh at the ancient Chinese for building their Great Wall over 7 thousand years ago -- but why? Our civilization has clearly not progressed from such elementary behaviors.

With this many barriers and Berlin walls going up throughout the world, one only wonders how many generations, how many millennia, it will take to break them down -- but worse, how many Walls will it take for us all to be trapped between checkpoints, and for the world to realize that this is enough.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bushler Sleeps Alone

Laura Bush didn't mind sharing a bed with a mental retard. (probably cuz she didn't notice)

She didn't mind sharing a bed with a war criminal. (probably cuz she can't tell the difference)

But she finally drew the line at a drunk. (cuz she used to be one herself)

That's right folks -- Herr Bushler's sleeping alone these days -- George W. Bush has marriage problems, what a surprise. NOT!

According to the gossip hounds on the Internet, the Missus -- Frau Bushler (hey! she's guilty by association) -- has checked into the Hay-Adams luxury boutique hotel in Washington DC because Herr Bushler has once again returned to his roots as Herr Boozer.

Once a drunk, always a drunk and if anyone's got something he wants to drink away, it's George W. Bushler -- 'ceptin the drink ain't gonna make Iraq go away, just like it didn't make Daddy Bush go away. See, with a daddy like that, and a mommy that looks like a grandaddy, Bushler started drinking young. Trouble is, after claiming he found Jesus and stopped the drink, convincing a whole swarm of lonely, bitter conservatives across America that despite every other ball-faced lie he's lived in his life he managed to become a God's honest Christian, the last thing he needs is to lose the nutty rightwingers who are the last barrier to his demise.

But at this point in his "career" and her pathetic, unremarkable life, Laura Bush couldn't give a damn. So she's packed up and left. "She just couldn't take it anymore," according to an inside source. "She's had it." (Or she hasn't, for a long, long, time, if you know what I mean!)

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This is What Ismail Ax Means

The answer to what "Ismail Ax" means came in the mail yesterday, in the form of a package to NBC. Ever since the Virginia authorities announced that the Virginia tech killer had the words "Ismail Ax" scrawled in red ink on his arm, there's been an internet frenzy to figure out what he meant by it. The answer is that Seung-Hui Cho -- the cholerically enraged psycho who, sadly for all of us, ultimately acted out his violent anger -- did NOT write Ismail Ax on his arm.

That's right. While the world would never have gotten a chance to see his arm and the supposed writing on it, we all got a chance to see the return address on the envelope he sent to NBC, where he has scrawled the name "A. Ishmael".

"Ishmael" as in the exact spelling used by Christians and Jews. "Ishmael" as in the exact spelling in the Bible. "Ishmael", as in not Ismail.

Yes, folks, the media (including the New York Times which persists in stating that the name is "Ismail" rather than "Ishmael") and the authorities' attempts to make this South Korean Christian's violent act into something, anything, to do with Islam or Muslims, was discredited by the killer himself -- see the photograph of the envelope (above, and in better quality also at this link) as provided by NBC.

And that's really all we need or care to know about Ishmael Ax -- the media is obsessing over this freak's horrible act, and has conveniently headlined him and it over the biggest story in the US today which is the trial of Attorney General Gonzales who, in the scope of his power, his violence, and his evil, has caused many many more deaths than a disturbed and powerless psycho like Cho.

No wonder some nuts are calling Cho the Manchurian Candidate. Maybe if the media stopped over-publicizing these crime sprees, then more psycho kids wouldn't seek to glorify themselves by making a "multimedia manifesto" (as NBC has called Cho's package) out of violent crime.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bushler, Boucher & Baghdad Blasts

Baghdad on April 18 2007, after 4 car bombs killed at least 157 innocent civilians

As news comes in that the unfathomable violence in Iraq has reached a new low today -- over 233 innocent civilians have been killed when several car bombs went off in a market in Baghdad and in other violence in public places in Iraq -- the biggest question remains: what is the United States doing over there?

The US government openly takes it for granted that most of the world should recognize their claim to authority in that region, as if it is natural and logical for people to assume that one nation has a legitimate claim over another one -- especially when they aren't even in the same continent.

This assumption by the US government is very strange indeed and the Americans have taken it to the next level by repeatedly questioning the authority and legitimacy of the actual people of this region. Aside from imposing manufactured governments in countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan and elsewhere, the US (and its 'coalition') is actually questioning the role of neighboring governments -- most notably, Iran.

Considering that parts of Iraq along Iran have been porous borders for centuries, and the same can be said for Afghanistan, and of course Pakistan which shares the state of Balochistan with Iran, why is it strange that Iran would be somehow involved with the politics and people of these neighbors? US Assistant Secretary of State Boucher has today announced his concerns that Iran might be involved in Afghanistan in an "unhealthy" way, as if the US's involvement in Afghanistan has been therapeutic for Afghanis.

This rhetoric used by the US government, especially under the Bushler administration, has proven just as provocative as the actual bombs the US has used in this Wart on Terror. And the implications, sadly, are nothing short of negative and conducive to more violence.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech "Family": Victims Twice Over

As yet another senseless act of mass gun violence passes in the United States, the established symbolic behaviors remain unchanged.

Have you observed the following?

The Patriotism At Play

George W. Bushler's ridiculous appearance at the memorial service for the Virginia Tech victims was undoubtedly another standing-on-top-of-the-9/11-rubble charade. It was a chance for him to be seen as a leader at a time when most Americans are gradually though hesitatingly recognizing him as a terrorizer.

The use of a military spectacle, the playing of the national anthem, even the uniforms many of the audience were wearing -- the Virginia Tech sweatshirts and colors -- all served to "unite" the people, as they believe.

But the real purpose was to somehow belittle the fact that the university is comprised of many nationalities, many religions, and many backgrounds. Even more blatantly, this was an American ceremony to denounce a killer who was, in any case, not an American.

The Unwillingness to Question Authority

In the news coverage that has ensued, with the exception of a brave and intelligent young woman, Erin Sheehan who was one of only 4 people in her classroom to walk out uninjured after the attacks, none of the students interviewed were showing any concern or anger about the very obvious mishandling of this situation yesterday.

Nobody was willing to admit, as Sheehan did, that the authorities made a mistake and should have and could have done a much more effective job of warning as many people as possible immediately that there was a danger on campus.

Even at the memorial service, no one took the opportunity of having Bushler in the audience, to sneak at least a tiny jab at a violent overlord whose aggression, hostility, bigotry, and yes, violence, overshadows these horrific school shootings that have now become commonplace in the U.S.

Victims Twice Over

Ultimately, the political performances at the memorial and in the press -- including the ridiculous speech by Virginia Governor Kaine who will soon no doubt seek Giuliani-like political extension of what in his mind was the good fortune of being the leader of the place that a terrible incident occurred -- and the clear though indirect message to all of the victims, witnesses, families and everyone to shut up and stick together as the "Virginia Tech Family" during this terrible time -- all of this just victimizes these innocent people even more.

"Families" are supposed to be able to argue, to question things, to feel comfortable expressing themselves. This "family" rhetoric is just that -- not a genuine attempt to make the best of a horrible situation, but a disingenuous effort to stop people from recognizing and uttering truths, criticisms and concerns.

Unless more people from the "Family" have the courage to stand up and change this terrible American way of dealing with problems, then these problems will become worse -- as evidenced by the increased number of regular school and public place shootings across the U.S.

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Virginia Tech Gunman Identified: Cho Seung-hui

Cho Seung-Hui, the Virginia Tech killer (pictured above)

The authorities have announced today that the killer at Virginia Tech was a 23-year old English major called Cho Seung-Hui -- a US resident who was born in South Korea, but a resident of Centreville, Virginia.

It is still not clear whether he was indeed the killer in both attacks yesterday though at least one of the weapons from the second attack was proven to have been used in the first attack -- Lee used a 9 mm and a .22 caliber handgun which onlookers have described were fired with military precision. Both weapons had had their serial numbers filed off. Though some reports are indicating that a receipt for the purchase of the weapons was found on his person.

Cho Seung hui left a suicide note in his dorm room before reloading his weapons and heading out to the second attack.

See the following Saccharinist entries for more information:


America Killing Itself

A student mourns at Virginia Tech on the night of the April 16, 2007 killings

When Michael Moore made "Bowling for Columbine" and "Farenheit 9-11" to show Americans -- that was his primary audience without a doubt -- that violent foreign policy, violent rhetoric from a President that aggressively and unethically forced and faked his way into office, violent video games explicitly used in US Army training to instill aggression and a lack of humanity in the young soldiers, and all the other small and large acceptable violence in the US and by the US are having a tangible and significant effect on the emotional state of America, many Americans called him a traitor.

Those same Americans continue to be duped by an administration that need not do more to prove what little regard it has for American life, let alone anyone else's.

What happened yesterday was the release of anger through retribution with violence -- exactly the type of thing that US foreign policy has extolled and paraded for decades. The Bushler Administration is doing exactly what his predecessors have done for so long -- it's just that he's been way less diplomatic about it, thereby making it easier for more people to see the obvious.

What exactly will it take for Americans to realize what is being done to them by their own government? -- because only then will they try to stop it from being done to others.

(for more on the Virginia Tech killings, see the Saccharinist here for more on the Virginia Tech gunman and here for the larger implications of US violence and foreign policy)

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Gunman: East Asian

Cho Seung-Hui, the Virginia Tech killer (pictured above)


FINAL UPDATE - April 17: (10:03 AM EST; 15:03 PM GMT) the killer has now been identified as Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old senior English major who was born in South Korea but had established US residence in Centreville, Virginia. He left a suicide note which investigators have now seized.

The Virginia Tech gunman has been described by witnesses as a 6 foot tall Asian (in American English this means from China, Japan or other parts of South East Asia) around 19 or 20 years old -- some reports are suggesting he was a student of nearby Radford University and on a rampage to kill his girlfriend who left him.

According to these unconfirmed reports, he first attacked her dorm room, and shot her roommate and a resident assistant. Two hours later, he was still looking for her in the Engineering building where he randomly shot a large number of people before finally turning the gun on himself.

The gunman's identity has become a major issue which explains why the authorities have not yet officially identified him even though they have no doubt had this information for several hours now. Every ethnicity, religious group, nationality and group you can think of is hoping that their group is not represented by this crazy killer, because there will more than likely be a sizeable wrath directed toward them by ignorant bigoted people and their agendas.

UPDATE 1 (8:09 pm EST; 1:09 AM GMT): News outlets have interviewed a student called Erin Sheehan who claims she was in the classroom where most of the students were shot. Sheehan confirms that the gunman was East Asian.

In a second press conference at 745 pm EST, authorities are "declining to release" the "preliminary information" that they obviously have about the identity of the gunman and the weapons involved. What is now clear is that there were two gunmen involved in the two different incidents. What is also clear is that the authorities are actively working on making up as many lies as possible to prevent them from looking like complete incompetents.


Students at the University were horrified to be notified of the first set of killings only 2 hours later via university email, which, unfortunately for the majority of the victims was exactly the time when the gunman struck again.

The officials in this situation, including the local police, Virginia Tech President Steger, and other individuals who played a huge role not only in failing to identify the larger threat after the first set of shootings in which the killer escaped and was not pursued by authorities, but also in failing to inform the campus until over 2 hours later -- and then only by email -- that shootings had occurred on campus and that a threat could possibly remain. Obviously, many people would have reconsidered going to class if they knew a killer was loose.

I wonder if Virginia Tech has ever heard of loudspeakers -- these simple devices tend to be more effective immediately than hinging peoples' lives on the hope that the entire campus will check its email at least once every two hours.


There were at least 2 bomb threats against the university over the last week. And just over the summer, another gunman had attacked the campus. So the big question on many peoples' minds is, how much could have been done to prevent this violence? At the very least, it seems that the campus could have been much better protected from the second attack this morning.

for more info on this story, see here, here, and here.


Virginia Tech Gunman & Iraq

The top headline across many Western outlets right now is that a madman has gone on a killing rampage on the campus of Virginia Tech university, killing at least 32 people in two attacks today, separated by at least 2 hours. British news outlet, Sky, is reporting that the gunman was of Asian origin, (meaning East Asian, as in Chinese for example) but nothing is yet confirmed. Sadly, the livelihoods and peace of an entire race or religious group hinges on who this crazy person was.

This type of horrifying, disturbing news is a daily occurrence in Iraq -- do the Americans, the British, the 'coalition forces' have at least some inkling of how painful this is, not just to those victims and families involved, but to absolutely anyone that hears this news or can in some way relate to the events because they are a graduate of Virginia Tech, or they visited it once, or anything?

Do the brainwashed young American soldiers in Iraq better understand massacres when it happens back home? Or, instead, are they so angered by this massacre that they will feel especially trigger happy in the next few days in Iraq?

Any fool that doesn't realize that Iraq (and all of the international aggression and violence that the United States government has supported and engaged in for decades) and this kind of domestic violence in the United States are closely related, is exactly the kind of idiot that can be brainwashed into an automated killing machine that does Bushler's bidding.

The United States has the highest rate -- beyond even its next competitor -- of gun-related violence in the world because ordinary Americans have very easy access to weaponry of a very high calibre, because Presidon't Bushler "believes that there is a right for people to bear arms" as his spokesperson said even today.

But today's story isn't just about the effects of violent, hateful foreign policy on the public at large; it's also about how so many innocents get caught in the web of violence, get hurled into the vacuum of hatred, get trapped in a lifetime of anger. The violence that ensues will be another cog in this turning wheel of antagonism in the machinations of the Bush administration, the Blair administration, and all the other administrations that tired of the anti-communism rhetoric and sought to replace it with the anti-terrorism one.

As these shameless world leaders perpetuate hate, the rest of us -- like these innocent victims at Virginia Tech, like the innocent victims in Iraq, like the innocent victims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Guantanamo Bay, Palestine, Israel, and elsewhere -- must do any small thing we can -- like writing in a blog -- to make others aware of this propaganda so that somehow this violence and hate can stop.
(for updates and additional information on this story, see here)

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Shaha Riza Cries Wolf

Shaha Riza, the hard-core bitch at the heart of the Wolfowitz pay raise scandal has audaciously written a note to World Bank board members insisting that she has been "victimized" as a result of being forced to leave her job at the World Bank because of the conflict of interests, what with her bangin' Wolfie while he's trying to save the world from debt (yeah right).

Miz Riza -- a self-hating Arab, a self-hating Muslim, and a viciously methodical mistress to the cons -- has poured the tar from heart into the note, whimpering about the "vicious public attacks" she has received since the whole world found out that Iraq was bombed cuz Wolfie liked gettin' blown by this witch.

She goes on to say that the backlash she has received as a result of the Board and the world finding out that she slept her way to the top and accepted bonuses like a Georgetown streetwalker has affected her "professionally, physically, and psychologically." Sounds like somebody's not so happy about working for Liz Cheney.

Hmmm...maybe now she knows what it feels like to be a homeless, familyless, hungry, thirsty, lonely, frightened, hopeless, mourning Iraqi. Yeah, she could relate because that's exactly what she's going through right now.

Heartless hag. Shame she and Wolfie broke up -- they're perfect for each other. Why is it always the biggest wusses who are the most ready to inflict pain and violence on others? Oh yeah, forgot, it's because they're sociopaths.
(for more on Miz Riza's personal habits, click here)

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Imus Hates Barack People

"there's nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group" (source)

There is one reason and one reason only that Don Imus has been fired from his jobs at CBS radio and NBC television following his racist rant against blacks this past week: Barack Obama.

It is a well-known fact that various media and entertainment moguls who were previous Clinton-backers have turned a leaf and are openly supporting Obama. No doubt Les Moonves of CBS is one of them.

The rub? Well, it sure wouldn't help the cause of a Black presidential candidate if a major broadcaster didn't do anything to stop a racist like Don Imus from getting away with yet another anti-Black statement.

Bottom line: as long as Obama maintains a healthy threat against the Clinton establishment, America's gotta look like it cares about Black people -- something that doesn't come easy to a country founded on the blood, toil, exploitation and overall diminishment of Blacks.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Farewell Kurt

A sad day in the literary world: Kurt Vonnegut has passed away at the age of 84.

His distinct charm, his curiously scientific yet passionate brand of storytelling, and his sense of humor will remain for us, his readers.

Sure, he had many famous novels, but I'll always remember him for EPICAC, his 1950 story about a computer that fell in love -- perhaps the most beautiful love story I've ever read.

At the age of 82, he came out of semi-retirement to write A Man Without A Country, his literary way of taking action and telling the world and his fans that George W. Bushler and his entire hatemongering, warmongering pathogenic politics are so so wrong and must be stopped. Too bad more people in a position of power have not come forward to do the same -- but obviously, that's why the Bushler movement was able to come into existence in the first place. And that's why it has come this far.

Vonnegut and his dying breed of socially-responsible celebrities will be sorely missed.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shaha Riza & the Big Bad Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz didn't think things could get uglier than his mistress Shaha Riza (pictured above)...

It is astounding how massively dependent the Bush administration has been on traitors:

Condosleeza Rice -- An African-American who hates African-Americans

Alberto Gonzalez -- A Mexican American who hates Mexicans

Rudy Giuliani -- An Italian American who hates Italian Americans (and everybody else)

Saddam Hussein -- an Iraqi who hated Iraq

And now: Shaha Riza -- an Arab who hates Arabs, a Muslim who hates Muslims, a traitor who loves Paul Wolfowitz.


That's right! This sleazy old bag has been Paul Wolfowitz's side project (he's married) for several years now and even he claims she was the one who encouraged him to push for war in Iraq! Apparently, this hag has been working for decades to get to where she is: on her knees and advising Wolfie and the rest of the ballistic battallion in Washington how to destroy her homeland, country by country, people by people. Yup, Riza is a Mistress with a Mission. Nothing new there, except this she-devil is hellbent on destroying the Middle East, the land of her own people! I guess that's what years of living in Saudi Arabia do to a person. But heck, we've known for quite some time that the Saudis only have loyalties to the dollar.

And nobody would have given a care -- because in Washington, everybody's doing somebody on the side -- except that Wolfie stupidly gave Miz Riza a raise at her job at the World Bank and then had his underlings tell the Washington Post and New York Times that it was a Board decision, a charge the Board denies, even though it was clear and direct nepotism by the Wolfster himself.

And there's the rub: these criminals are apparently allowed to get away with genocide, violence, warmongering and all shades of inhumane and illegal activities but things all start trickling down just as soon as someone notices their unusually hefty bank accounts.

Anyway, this match made in hell has come to an end for Der Wolfler, so, as the Wonkette says: "For everyone who ever wanted to date a war criminal, this is probably your best chance now that Milosevic is dead." As for Riza, only one war criminal could possibly satiate her evil appetite: guess she'll have to take Kissinger up on his offer after all. Gerr-oossss!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Save the Eggs, Not the Embryos

Natallie Evans and Howard Johnson (not to be mistaken for the Hotel Chain) in happier times

An interesting ethical and legal dilemma:

6 years ago, a young British woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. With her then-partner, they fertilized and froze 6 embryos before she would lose all her eggs due to cancer treatment. Flash forward to today: after years of personal and legal wrangling, the woman lost her final appeal to use those frozen embryos, along with her last possible chance to have a biological child of her own (though technically, someday cloning and other options may be available to her).

The European Court of Human Rights basically ruled that both the egg donor and the sperm donor must consent to the use of the embryos and since, in this case, the woman and the man are so antagonistic that they have taken their private matter to the courts, it is clear that both parties are not in agreement.
I feel sorry for this 34-year-old woman: she has been through cancer and legal wrangling over a very sensitive issue. I don't know the details here but clearly both sides are lacking some empathy for the other person's situation. It is understandable that the woman would want a biological child of her own (after this court ruling, the 6 embryos will be destroyed). It is also understandable that the man would not want a child with a woman he is not with and does not want to be with.

Ultimately, the ruling seems to make sense -- just think: if people could produce children with the genetic material of unconsenting others, the legal ramifications could be taken to ridiculous extremes that could see individuals seeking child support for such children!

But the biggest question is: why would this woman want to have a child from this stubborn, unfriendly, unsupportive man who left her alone during a serious illness and put her through years of court-rulings once she'd managed to recover? If she's happy having just 50% genetic material from someone she cares about, then she should have a child with the man who she is in a loving relationship with, which means she's still got a lifetime's chance ahead of her.

It's all about attitude. Always.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Hollywood Bigotry: Pros & Dons

Let's just get this straight:

If you are a has-been actor who, while sober, openly spew angry and superlatively racist epithets toward members of your audience who are African-American, you get a chance to apologize on David Letterman, and then you are free to live your life as the media immediately "forgets" about you.

If you are an African-American actor who in a backstage brawl with a fellow cast member call another cast member a "faggot", later prompting him to come out of the closet, you are deemed to have severe psychological problems, are forced into psychotherapy for homophobia and are incessantly derided in the media.

If you are a radio host whose career has been riddled with numerous bigoted (including racism against Blacks and Arabs, sexism, and homophobia) incidents, and again last week you took it upon yourself to call African-American women's basketball players from Rutgers University a bunch of "nappy-headed hos" (referring to the slave and Jim-Crow era derogatory reference to African hair) you are inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and allowed to continue broadcasting your boorish and completely unacceptable attitudes and personality to the public-at-large.

If you are a radio sidekick who, amongst other things, years ago called the Williams tennis sisters "animals" who've "got a better shot at National Geographic" than being in Playboy, in a broadcast years ago called Palestinians "stinking animals", and last week called the African-American female members of the Rutgers University women's basketball team a bunch of "jigaboos," you are allowed to continue publicly broadcasting your rabid bigotry for as long as you live and are not condemned for it beyond insignificant slaps on the wrist.

So, in conclusion: being Black means being open game. Good luck America!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Blair Still Sore from Iran Ramming

C'mon Blair! It's not like you haven't had this before! (that's why you married a man, right?)

No matter how much propaganda the Brits, or should I say, the 'coalition forces', spew out of their rocket-launching sockets, nobody in this world looks more violent, inhumane, unjust, bloodthirsty, cruel, heartless and unrestrained than they do.

Iran treated those trespassing naval officers humanely. They were returned happy and healthy -- to an extremely embarrassed Tony Blair and his government full of pasty-faced criminal minds. The UK media yesterday were so desperate to twist the embarrassment of the officers' safe return into another headline about how violent Muslims are that the 4 'coalition' soldiers killed in Iraq yesterday were ridiculously linked to the peaceful release of these vacationers.

And then in a remarkably sadistic pirouette of spin, Blair attempted to portray the Iranians as the main culprits responsible for the deathpit that has become Iraq.

This show has only one remaining audience: the idiotic members of the citizenry of the US and UK where voting is no longer a democratic action, but a knee-jerk reaction to manufactured hatred and fear.

It must be hard being a citizen of the Coalition Republics.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

British Sailors Forced Home

Nice try Bushy and Blairy: these "hostages" look like they're having a damn good time (on beautiful Persian carpets, no less!), contrary to your uproarious cackling about their safety.

Well, the Iran "hostage crisis" is over before it began, but just long enough to make a point: that the Brits and the Americans and all their supporters are literally treading water in their aggression toward Iran.

As presumed, the Iranians were kinder to their captives than the Brits or Americans have ever been to any of theirs. As I've always said about the previous "hostage crisis", it can't be that bad sitting on Persian rugs, eating Iranian food and drinking Iranian tea day in and day out -- heck, most people would call that a holiday. And something tells me these Brits would never have gotten the chance to enjoy the comfort and luxury of a Persian carpet otherwise. That would have been a shame indeed.

The best part, though, is that yet again (this guy is a genius!), Ahmadinejad has managed to make the "coalition" look like fools, cleverly announcing that Iran is bestowing the sailors "as a present to the British people" during the Easter holiday.

Ahmadinejad: 100
Coalition Forces: 0

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