Saturday, January 13, 2007

Killing America's Families

Hello America! As you stand idly by while your government destroys the world, spreading hate and tumult everywhere its dirty wars are implemented, your own public is suffering.

Yup, in this, the US government's Grand Week of Insulting Lies, in addition to

--attacks on Iranian interests in Iraq (not to mention in Iran itself, but nobody seems to cover that),

--Bushler's pathetic speech about how the war in Iraq is going so great he needs 21,000 more troops to even try making it out,

--Condosleazea Vice's embarrassing appearance at Congress where even her personal life (i.e. the entire lack of it) was fair game to senators (Barbara Boxer mentioned that Sleazy's got nothing to lose if more troops are sent to Iraq -- she doesn't have any children, let alone a partner),

--Senator Hilary Clinton's ridiculous appearance in the very Iraq for whom she sanctioned a war nearly 4 years ago where she denounced Bushler's troop increase in Iraq but demanded even more troops in Afghanistan (yeah! did you forget? Americans are over there guarding future energy pipelines and dodging Taliban rockets along the way)

--and the introduction (finally) of a climate of perceptible (though still incomprehensibly impotent) antagoniam toward the Bushler Iraq situation where even Republican members of Congress were feeling comfortable enough to accuse the government of its failures in Iraq (though Senator McCain showed his true colors to any fool who hadn't already seen them by siding with Bushler's plan and troop increase),

the biggest shot to the American public was the Pentagon's announcement that there will no longer be a time limit on active-duty National Guard (remember? those were the guys that took 5 days to make their way to New Orleans after Katrina hit -- somehow, they manage to get to Iraq in far less than that. Go figure.), and Army National Reserves men and women.

Don't you see that America? It's only a matter of time before military service will be mandatory in the US. Good luck America, while your eyes are closed, your country is being cleverly snatched away from you by your very own government. Yee-haw!

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The Iran is Evil Campaign Begins

The US has been planning its attack on Iran since before September 11th 2001 -- just like the entire Wart on Terror was planned way before then, too. But this week, the US government, in cooperation with its media partners (every single mainstream media organization in the US, including, obviously, Fox News which got its own special call-out this week when Condosleazea Vice unwittingly let her devotions for them slip out, as if it were some big secret that Fox and the entire US media system are paid handlers of the government and its business affiliates) began their most important attack: on the American public's consciousness.

See, Americans are the most intimidated and imprisoned people in the world - second only to the North Koreans. Their fears of anything and everything have no bound -- just as their government has always wanted and nurtured. They are all, essentially, soldiers: people who take orders, and sacrifice their own well-being for the preservation of their abusers, also known as their own government. Sure, they can curse and demonstrate against it as much as they want, but the minute they even attempt to actually do something against the government, they're stopped in their tracks. Ask that pathetic little American Taliban and his parents. But the first step for controlling them is scaring them and that's where the media plays a significant role.

The media campaign against Iran and directed toward the American public stepped out in full glory this week with the ridiculous and internationally illegal captivation of 6 Iranian consulate officers in Irbil, Northern Iraq (The Kurdish-controlled region of the country that is the US and UK's nest egg for their plans to create the state of Kurdistan within the next couple decades, granted this whole Iraq thing squares off) several days ago. Days later, Bushler came forward in fibbery to insult what little intelligence remained in the American mind by not only announcing his new plan to "send Iraq back to the Middle Ages" (as he would say) but also to warn of the horrible Iranians and their dangerous interference in America's business of sticking their nose in other peoples' business. Yes, the Iran-is-Evil campaign is in full swing and it's only a matter of weeks before most voting Americans (the same ones who are blind to their own domestic misery because their attentions have been so swayed toward their governments' ongoing efforts to spread misery elsewhere) live in fear and anger toward Iran and Iranians.

Except, there's just one problem: Iranians don't care. Neither the Iranians in Iran or the ones abroad. In Iran, the government is only too pleased to be attacked by the United States -- it will improve their position as the world leaders of the Islamic political revolution and it will strengthen their own government in the eyes of the Iranian people who but for the events of the Wart on Terror would have already taken renewed action toward its downfall. Abroad, Iranians have had nearly 30 years to establish themselves as the most educated, successful and grounded minorities in many (if not most) of the countries where they have taken up residence -- including the United States. Basically, this isn't 1979 when Iranians could easily be demonized in the eyes of the American public; today, Iranians have an authority and a cohesive community abroad that will not stand idly by while their beloved country is attacked.

Just think of how much better the world would be if the American public had a mind of its own, rather than one controlled by the fear and inhumanity of their government, and would focus on its own long list of severe and serious problems including, but not limited to: a completely ineffective and easily infiltrated electoral and voting system (not to mention that it isn't democratic, of course), a non-existent healthcare system, inconceivably high poverty rates, a pre-university education system that is easily rivalled by many (if not most) developing countries, crime levels hundreds of times higher than the nearest competitor, lack of consolidated public transportation and, on and on and on.

If only Americans would start caring about themselves, instead of others...we'd all be happy for them.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Guantanamo Day

Today is the 5-year anniversary of the US government's illegal and impune imprisonment of hundreds of helpless men they gathered off of the roadways of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Yes, 5-years ago today, the US government -- without the protest of either the Afghan or Pakistan governments to demand rights for their citizens -- opened Guantanamo Bay and closed the door on international law.

Protesters throughout the world today wore orange jumpsuits and masks to declare January 11th the International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo and to remind us all that we have a long way to go toward universal humanity.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pesos for Peace

This week, the greatest evidence to date of the biggest creeping revolution in the world came to the surface: a pizza chain in Texas, USA has announced that it will be accepting pesos in addition to dollars.

Trivial you say? Hardly. It's a clear indication of the only cure for American hegemony: balancing out White English ancestral power. America may be a land of immigrants but it's a world of conformity to what remain English Protestant values, attitudes and customs. Though all of that has taken a healthy turn -- for the first time ever in American history -- for change. What was the catalyst for this reversal of over two centuries of racist, prejudiced culture? The events of and after September 11, 2001.

That's right, in its efforts to cohese Americans into a patriotic fervor, Bushler's administration has convinced more and more Americans that their heritage is something value, something they'd been denied for far too long, something they now want to embrace. Italian-Americans are taking their children to Italian language lessons, sending them abroad to study in Italy. African-Americans are introducing their youth to the vibrance of African culture, language and life. Anything-Americans are suddenly and passionately taking an interest in a past that their parents, grandparents and ancestors were forced to forget in order to live comfortably in the United States.

Yes, America is only now becoming a cultural melting pot and the Hispanics, mainly the Mexicans, are doing the most to make this statement loud and clear.

Bravo to the Pizza Patron for paving this peso path to world peace. Muchas Gracias!!

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Lord of War

Andrew Niccol is a filmmaker who has stood head and shoulders above the majority of his colleagues in one very significant way: he has used his ability and talent to gain influence in Hollywood to make films that criticize the US government for being the biggest criminal organization in the world, if not in history.

Lord of War, his 2005 masterpiece about the business of gunrunning -- whose superb cinematographer is the Iranian Amir Mokri -- is a philosophy for life, is an answer to the helplessness we all feel when we read the news every day: stop trying to beat the system, because it's unbeatable.

This powerful government, its allies, and the thousands of people who work for it and its undemocratic goals worldwide -- including gunrunners like the perfectly cast Nicolas Cage (nee Coppola -- remember? Francis Ford is his uncle) -- will never stop doing what it does best.

So what should we do with our lives, those of us who are horrified by the inhumanity of the world? The one thing we can do: be happy, so we can be humane.

Unhappy people do unfriendly things.

We can make a good life for ourselves so that maybe we'll have the means to help others and it doesn't even have to be in huge ways. Perhaps the most inhumane things that happen in the world are not the stuff of headlines, but the little things that we do and say each day to hurt each other -- those little big acts of unkindness that far outnumber the incidents of death and destruction we read in the news.

You see, the world does not have too much hate, it just has too little love. Too few people value love above everything else. And that's killing more people than guns are.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Saddam Executes the Imperialists

..............................................(image source)

The execution of Saddam Hussein has left few people sympathetic to his personal cause but most people -- MOST of the people of the world, undoubtedly -- reeling with even more disdain for the United States and the United Kingdom. The way Saddam was hanged was an insult to all the people of the world whose lives are dictated by client governments of the US and UK -- and that is several billion people who are exceptionally politically aware and totally mistrustful of the US and UK whose interests never have and never will lie on the side of humanity or democracy in any sense of the term.

It was an insult to every nation where execution is not legally undertaken via a supposedly humane device such as an electric chair or lethal injection. It was an insult to the knowledge and awareness of the great majority of the world, with the exception only of Americans, who are absolutely apprised of the reality of this scenario: that the US and UK killed one of their own agents when he turned on them. And it was a blatant comment on the paltry symbolism and pathetically non-existent efforts of Western-based institutions such as the International Court of Justice which have failed on an exceedingly and increasingly large number of accounts to prosecute American, British, German, French, Dutch and other Western criminals of far greater magnitude than Saddam Hussein -- many of whom remain in power to this day.

They hung Saddam -- he requested a bullet to the head, military style -- to insult all of us -- to say he is backward, his country is backward, his people are backward. The US and UK (U SUK) hung Saddam to spit in the face of the majority of the world that does not condone their own governments' barbarism, for their actions over centuries have proven more than anything that they are the biggest barbarians of all. But even more, with this action, the US and UK have formally declared their own downfall.

For the US and the UK to take it upon themselves to "execute" a man who was an agent for them for decades and instigated one of the bloodiest and most politically rabid wars of the last century for them and with them -- the Iran-Iraq war -- is an undeniable comment on the governments of the US and UK but even further on the culture and people of these countries, too. Americans and Brits have no excuse whatsoever when their governments behave like barbarians because they have a free society with free elections where they vote for these institutions and have done for centuries.

But Saddam's execution at the hands of the foreign agents who funded and supported him for decades is also a sad and embarrassing comment on the Arab people -- and that includes all Arabs. So often, I have seen Egyptians, Algerians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Tunisians and so many Arab-speaking people deny that the Arabs are one people and that is ridiculous and inaccurate. Why? Because very little remains of the ancient pre-Islamic cultures in all of these countries -- the culture of Islam has embedded itself into these lands and their people. Even the Christians and Jews of these nations have an undeniable Islamic-based culture to their attitudes, their traditions, their way of life -- even they live lives revolving around a Islamic pivot of thought, attitude and values. You are Arabs and the reason why the jewels of your culture and lands, such as Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and other places are festering with foreign corruption, deception and destruction is because you are not united, you are in denial of your communities and your cohesion. Saddam may have been a horrible neighbor to non-Arabs such as Kurds and Iranians, but he was a leader for Arabs. He created equal educational opportunities for girls and boys, women and men. He modernized Iraq while its neighbors stagnated with the limitations of religion. He supported the Palestinians more than any other Arab leader -- the Palestinians so many Arabs have forgotten and disowned. And, before he realized, as all CIA agents do, that you can never sever ties with your American-British masters, his iconic image of steadfast strength and power gave Arabs of all shades a figurehead to look up to with pride, though many of them have been too ignorant to realize this until now.

In fact, his last few moments in our world cast a certain eternal iconism to his legacy because of the strength and confidence with which he exited the world. Saddam died a martyr and furthered the one cause that hardly needed furthering: a deep distrust, disgust and disdain for the United States and the United Kingdom. He also paved the way for the next round of executions in Iraq and elsewhere: the current leaders of US and UK client governments everywhere are sweating in their American-made boots. As well they should. We the people of these countries that are ruled by proxy by U SUK -- and that includes the Islamic Republic of Iran -- see what this symbiosis of aggression has done to our people, our lands, our way of life and now, more than ever, we are determined to put a stop to it because we can.

Goodbye Saddam -- your execution was the final nail in the coffin of British ancestral rule -- a coffin that's been waiting for its corpse for centuries.

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