Saturday, July 22, 2006

US v Iran: The Lebanon Front

...................................................On the horizon of war... (Photo: Al Jazeera)

Iran via Southern Lebanon and the US via Israel -- this is the closest we've gotten to the Iran-US war. It seems clearer now than it did even at the beginning of this Wart on Terrorism that the US's main target in that region is Iran. This new war (to add to the fronts in Afghanistan, Iraq, the northern territory of Pakistan and the unreported skirmishes in the states of Baluchistan on the border of Iran and Pakistan which have killed tens of people in the last few months) is the most overt conflict with Iran to date. The US has so-far failed to get its out-an-out with Iran over the ridiculous construct of the nuclear weapons issue so instead is fighting Iran in Lebanon. Bush and his Klan do not like to wait around when it comes to death and destruction.

Al Jazeera reported today that the US government, "after relatively little debate in the White House" has shipped over a whole new batch of precision-guided bombs to Israel. Al Jazeera sources the New York Times who quote several highly-placed sources in the White House. What this means is simply that there's a whole lot of targets planned and this war is not gonna end so soon.

Why don't the Israelis speak up? Surely they must now be tired of being the US tool for destruction and target for hate in that region. It seems that Israel, like all 'democracies" has a government that is not representative of its people because it would seem that just as the Lebanese and Palestinians are frightened and on the brink of death, so are the Israelis -- they, too, most certainly after the events of this week, must be nearly fed up with living in a state of perpetual conflict.

Meanwhile, as predicted, Condo-sleaze-a has announced that there ain't gonna be no ceasefire anytime soon -- obviously! I believe her quote was something along the lines of "we cain't stop now! I gots demands -- you hear me? -- demands! Ain't nobody gonna tell me what ta do!" Someday, far far from now, there will be a real International Court of Justice and war criminals and human rights violators like Sleaze-a, et al, will be accountable for their crimes. For now, we the public must helplessly suffer their reckless violence in hopes of living to see that day.

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