Monday, July 17, 2006

Brits Escape Punishment

The British are known for their keen (if not incredibly preposterous) style of diplomacy -- their lips barely move, their noses are slightly inclined and they keep their hands in their pockets as they calmly inform you of some horribly unnerving information. Yes, their diplomacy has famously put them on the contours of worldwide hate during these War on Terrorism days even though they are just as culpable as the Americans.

And today they have outdone themselves. With incredible gaul -- a complete lack of decency or shame, they have announced that no one is responsible or will be charged for the brutal state-sanctioned murder of that poor Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes, on the Underground last year. It's a pretty clear statement of the condition of our civility today that a man can be murdered -- shot in the head 7 times -- in broad daylight and his murderers can get away scot-free. When the West discusses lawlessness and rogue states they arrogantly refuse to condemn themselves on the same platform. Literally.

Let's hope that his friends and supporters at least make a statement now.

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