Monday, July 17, 2006

Israel's New War

......................................When Will This War Stop? (Photo: Maan News Agency)

As much as I try to ignore the disturbing news coming out of Israel/Palestine, I can't help but post my thoughts on what has now escalated into a war. It is beyond belief that one nation can recklessly and lawlessly attack its neighbors with total disregard for international conventions on war, human rights, and military action. Let us not forget why Israel has attacked Lebanon for the first time since 1982 -- why Israel has killed hundreds (if not thousands -- we'll never know for sure) of people in the last week: because two IDF soldiers have been kidnapped. It is truly incredible.

Not too mention fascinating. With what authority any Israeli politician cites UN regulations is beyond anyone's comprehension, considering the endless number of resolutions Israel violates continually, but today PM Olmert did just that.

As most informed people know, the whole exercise is a massive charade -- Israel doesn't give a toss what happens to those soldiers and is no doubt secretly pleased at their capture and therefore an excuse -- however flimsy -- to attack Lebanon while simultaneously implicating Syria and Iran in its grand paranoia of terrorism. It is well known that the present government in Lebanon is predominantly anti-Syria and no amount of rhetoric can hide that.

George W. "I'm not gonna piss off the Jews" Bush and his comrade Tony "neither am I" Blair have announced their full backing of the out-and-out war in the Middle East which, though expected, is somewhat the Jews. Surely most worldwide Jews do not condone such flagrant violations of international law. Surely very few people are so patriotic as to be blind to simple reason: two kidnapped soldiers does not equal justification for hundreds of murders.

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