Thursday, June 08, 2006

Iran Bullying the Bullies

C'mon rest of the world! Who's gonna follow Iran's example and start taking a stand against the playground bullying of the 'Western Powers' as they like to be called (aka. the commanders of the WAT)? Ahmadinejad is effectively waving the flag of all the countries in the world who are being bullied by this faction of insatiable hoodlums. This week's news about their concessions to Iran is a far cry from those "Axis of Evil" days...I guess the WAT battalion has reneged on yet another hard and fast principle: negotiating with "terrorists". No doubt, it's hard to claim terrorism when you happen to sponsor the most terrorizing practices of the day. Whatever happens next, we have now witnessed a new precedent in preemptive striking: precipitive striving -- a new concept in worldwide diplomacy where all of sudden you've got to try and negotiate instead of just bombing people to kingdom come.

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