Tuesday, June 06, 2006

US's Nuclear Gift to Iran

If you are one of those people who bought into the bogus attempts by the US government to convince the world that despite the egregious and ongoing disasters that are Iraq and Afghanistan (and their subsidiaries such as Gitmo , Israel/Palestine, and Syria) the US was somehow in a position to imminently attack Iran too, well, look at today's headlines and think again. In a telling turn of events, not only is there no attacking coming up but the US has now agreed, via the UN envoy Javier Solana, to actually hand Iran nuclear technology in exchange for it stopping its uranium enrichment program.

So much for all that Axis of Evil rhetoric -- this proves once again that the West is far far away from ever colonizing Iran -- this isn't a tiny little piece of land the British penciled in on a map; Iran is a powerful force to be reckoned with and no amount of loudmouth beards or overfed clerics can ever change that.

However, for those of you who care for Iran, don't sigh for relief yet -- considering the geostrategic and political value that Iran wields, the West's millennia-long battle for Persia persists.

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