Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blairy Bushmonster Strikes Again

We know that Bush is gasping for air when he starts parading the corpses of terrorists. His latest slide show stars the so-called "Iraq's Most Wanted Terrorist" -- one Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. And, as hypocritically as ever, they have displayed photos of his bloody body for the world to marvel at -- see, it's only wrong to display dead bodies when they are Westerners -- everybody else doesn't matter.

How did mighty mighty Uncle Sam manage to kill one man, a handful of aides and an unreported mass of civilians? With a number (we are not told, of course) of tiny little 500 pound bombs -- you know, the kind that would kill several hundred people in one go (don't believe it? In the 2002 Bali bombings, a 350 pound car bomb killed 202 people -- and that wasn't even dropped on top of them).

Yes, and tight on the heels of unloading millions of American taxpayer dollars on the heads of Iraqi civilians, both Bush and his pasty English chaperone Blair have announced that there are "tough days ahead" meaning: we have commenced a new round of murderous rampage and are asking for your patience as we proceed to efface the population of Iraq.

But let's not just blame Blairy Bushmonster -- the Western press is also doing its job to disseminate this acidic propaganda. Just check out the BBC's report, dotted with references to that "vicious prosecutor" Zarqawi whose organization will "continue to kill," all the while urging "the world to unite on the Iraq issue." The Associated Press's report is no better -- gently slipping in irrelevant and charged propanganda terms like "holy war," "severe blow," "significant victory" and "slaughtering sheik," just to add a bit of exotic spice to the mix.

This, of course, is called appealing to the Lowest Common Denominator -- see, all those people who remain uninformed about this and other issues have no logical choice but to be convinced that this man was a killing machine whose death has finally put to rest what was an interminable murdering spree. One need only add up the number of civilians killed in Iraq alone to know that this type of blatant factmaking is an attempt to shadow the real killing machine in Iraq: the US and its allies (are there two of them now, or is it just the one?).

Nobody is saying this guy wasn't a criminal but let's be frank here -- he and his entire organization have committed less acts of violence, destruction and death by far than this entire War Against Terrorism has in the last few months alone. And the only reason they are working criminals anyway is because the WAT has motivated them beyond their dreams. Will there ever be any checks and balances against state-sponsored terrorists like Bush and Blair? Probably not -- even the so-called United Nations are only united toward letting these guys get away with murder. Every single day.

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