Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Turkeys in Turkey

Okay, it is ironic and amusing that of all the nations in Europe with an avian virus, it would end up being Turkey first -- and it's affecting their turkeys, no less. Yes, bird flu has found an obvious home. And now Romania has announced that ducks and other wild birds which have flown in from Central Asia have also tested positive for the same H5N1 strain of bird flu which was also reported in Russia and Mongolia and is the same strain as the Asia one that made headlines this year. On a more serious note, it seems inevitable that pescatarianism is increasingly the safest option for the menu -- what with mad cows and virulent birds, what's left but fish and their kin? Though it seems inevitable that even the meat of the sea is a danger to us all -- why not? We humans pollute the oceans just as much as every other natural resource we can get our hands on.