Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sartorial Serenity

Earthquakes in South Asia...hurricanes and storms in the US and Central America...tsunamis...floods...fires...if Bush doesn't get to us, Mighty Mother Nature will...

Here's some fashion gossip to lighten the load...

Creative! Sixty-four year old Italian writer, actress and director Marina Ripa di Meana at the Venice Film Festival is sending Bjork on a run for her money with this RED red carpet dress. I wonder how she took her next step.

A Jonathan Saunders creation from London Fashion Week 2005 (LFW 2005). It's shapeless and would only be acceptable on a very thin person -- but somehow, it has a charm. Looks like a calming sea on legs...something floating and peaceful for sure.

Fashion Fringe (at LFW 2005) has sweetened up the trend with shorts. Again, it's only fitting for thin people. The top is too Batman for my tastes, though.

Clements Ribeiro brought the West those old golden-applique, charming velvet and unique lace and velvet fabrics my grandmother used to bring from trips to Mecca. The fabrics in that part of the world are as yet unrivalled and this is part of the reason for CR's success. Here's a simple, but elegant dress from LFW 2005.

And finally! some color at LFW 2005. Manish Aurora brings forth the vivid vitality of the rainbow in this creation. It recalls some Navajo patterns of yore, doesn't it?