Thursday, October 06, 2005

Black People Love Us

This site is hilarious -- an entire website dedicated to not only mocking racists who can't even conceive of socializing with certain other races, but exploring subtle racism: the notion that socializing with someone of a particular race can eliminate any doubt as to your judgements about the race on a whole. Remember folks, just because you socialize with someone, doesn't mean you're actually friends -- i.e. have a deep connection with and respect for them. It all goes back to the lackings of the English word "friend" and how one little word is meant to cover a vast array of relationships and emotional involvements. Linguists spend inordinate amounts of time trying to determine whether language has an effect on culture, or the reverse. Whether there is an answer to this question or not, what is clear is that "some people," as Voltaire was wont to tell us "employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts." Indeed.

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