Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jennifer and Brad Split

Well, today is the official end of Brad Pitt's delayed gratification of fatherhood -- yes, the divorce is final today. And for those of you who blame Brad and feel sorry for Jen, take into consideration that whatever the case may have been, Brad Pitt -- a man from a normal, happy family in the Midwest of the United States -- held out on having kids with the woman he loved for 7 long years. That's 49 in dog years and it possibly felt that way for Brad, considering that he clearly exhibited all of the signs of a man inclined toward parenting, not least being the elaborate nursery he spent years designing in his marital home with Jen. This isn't about meeting a man's needs, or putting your career second, this is about family and Jennifer "I don't have a relationship with my mother" Aniston had a serious problem with this very pivotal issue. It's a surprise things lasted even this long. Who knows what'll come of the Angelina "I don't have a relationship with my father" Jolie thing -- though I would say it's far worse to be out of touch with your mother than your father -- but at least now he has what he wants: a family, an amazingly beautiful companion, and a person who, by all accounts, appears to be far more interesting and worldly than our Friend, the girl-next-door.