Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Zidance Tops Again

In our continuing effort to cheer up, the Saccharinist provides you with the latest in the Zinedine Zidane head-butt saga: a chart topping French pop song called Coup de Boule (meaning 'headbutt') from LaPlage Records devoted to the grand finale of World Cup 2006. The chorus says it all:

The guido, he was hurt
Zidane hit [him]
The Italian's not doing well
Zidane slapped [him]
The ref saw it on the TV
Zidane hit [him]
But we lost the World Cup
We had a good laugh anyways
Zidane, he hit [him], Zidane, he slapped [him] (Headbutt!) 4x

Click here to listen to the song. And click here to read the French lyrics and an English translation. It's actually a very catchy song with reggae undertones that seems to have been sung by African francophones because of the accent... Enjoy!

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