Thursday, July 27, 2006


It is imperative to make a distinction between governments and publics for the main reason that even in so-called democratic countries, the US comes to mind, the public's voice does not count for much. We saw that during the two Bush elections very clearly, but we also see that with research and polls which indicate that a great majority of the US public is, for instance, against the ridiculous carnage that is known as the Wart on Iraq. The American public does not support this war and yet the war machine in Washington -- the people this public innocently entrust their lives and reputation to -- barges on.

Obviously, Bush was not elected to office, but he is the least of anyone's concerns: the Senators, Congress representatives, Cabinet members, Supreme Court members and policymakers of all sorts who were elected (or elected by those who were elected) to represent the people are blatantly doing anything but that. One looks forward to the time -- it was always inevitable -- when the American public will lash out at this injustice against them and we're not just talking about a decade of Vietnam War protests, we're talking about a revolution in thought, attitude and behavior. And thanks to the Internet, this will happen sooner than would have been otherwise possible as more and more Americans seek, find, or come across news information which their mainstream media and the government it's in bed with has refused to inform them of.

The Israeli government is attempting to bank on this huge distinction between a government and a public by stating today that the world supports Israel's war in Lebanon: "We received yesterday at the Rome conference permission from the world... to continue the operation," Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon said. No, no you didn't. The government unrepresentatives of the US and the UK -- both of which, according to recent polls (here and here) have publics that are largely and increasingly against the war in Lebanon and who are extremely dissatisfied with their leadership (Bush has a 36% approval rating these days), have failed (or is it succeeded?) in doing their job. The world, in fact, is quite against this war and the number of other illegal wars being conducted by these carte blanche government criminals.

Condo-sleaze-a Ice and her British plaything Margaret Beckett-and-Call have "resisted calls from 13 other countries, as well as the UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, for a ceasefire." Beckett's comments are especially impressive and could well qualify her for an honorary degree from Oxford University's Department of Philosophy and Illogic: "Even if you could get a ceasefire half an hour ago, you would probably be back in hostilities in a few days." The thing Ms Beckett cares pittance for is that at the rate things are going, even a few days of ceasefire would be a welcome relief to the hundreds of people who are dying on both sides of this illegal war.

And so we wait...for a real International Court of Justice to put these criminals behind bars where they belong.

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