Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tennessee Tattoo Removal

"Authorities" at aTennessee high school in the U.S. have taken the trouble to remove all 1,800 copies of the school's student newspaper from classrooms, teacher's mailboxes and desks after it was discovered that there were two highly contentious issues covered in the paper: birth control and tattoos. Now, if this were a newsletter at an old-age home, I might see the sense in keeping unnecessary and potentially stimulating information from the patrons, but it seems only logical that significant issues pertaining to personal relationships and body art -- two activities that teenagers are known to engage in -- might actually be useful for the readership. It is noteworthy, a mon avis, that the faculty adviser and the editor in chief for the student paper are both women. The number of times in history when women took the step toward progressive change are worth acknowledging. By the way, how is the U.S. any different than, say, Zimbabwe in terms of press freedom? Less and less people know the answer to that.

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